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  CAPSULS Containment And Protection System                           Utilizing Life Support  
Patient Isolation Unit ( PIU) 
              CAPSULS is a FDA Regulatory Class II Device

  CBAG Contaminated Human Remains Pouch                   (CHRP)

  CWRAP™ Chemical Warfare Agent
                       Protective Patient  Wrap


ISOVAC Products LLC has developed and manufactures chemical/biological/radiological casualty isolation systems which are needed to prevent cross contamination to medical, emergency and transportation personnel, the general population, transportation assets, and equipment from biological pathogens and/or harmful chemical agents, therefore reducing the harmful impact from terrorist attack, chemical mishaps or pandemic outbreaks.

ISOVAC Products LLC can also design and manufacture custom isolation and containment products to meet your specific needs.

 Our products are proudly made in
the United States of America



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